30 minutes | May 18, 2022

Burnout, Impostor Syndrome & Finding Balance With Bonnie Skinner

I'm this episode, I talk with registered psychotherapist Bonnie J. Skinner about how our own mental well-being is affected by the different challenges that fitness entrepreneurship brings.

We delve into imposter syndrome, managing the transition from work to home, and the big one for many women in fitness business—burnout.

Bonnie is a Registered Psychotherapist with a background in Neuroscience, and over a decade of experience in helping individuals strengthen their mental fitness skills. As a CEO, executive coach, a wife and Mom, Bonnie knows first hand the unique challenges business owners and executives face on their journey to success. In addition to her clinical practice Bonnie runs Level Up Mental Fitness Coaching for clients in high performance roles, helping them gain confidence, consistency and focus. 




1:00 - Impostor Syndrome

2:19 - Shift to home + transitions

7:44 - Partner support

13:09 - Social pressure

16:30 - Dealing with sexism in coaching

18:56 - Capacity building and burnout

23:41 - Positive entrepreneurship and CEO mindset

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