53 minutes | Nov 17th 2020

Naj Austin on Centering Joy and Redefining Community

The answer to your social dilemma is right here. Ethel’s Club and Somewhere Good founder Naj Austin shares how she’s blowing up the Internet (in a really great way) and inserting happiness and a little something she learned about community this year… from her real-life community. PS: Permission to feel joy, granted.

Yup, Ethel’s Club is 100% as cool as it sounds. Sign up online and follow along on Instagram.

Naj mentions one of her advisors and all-around A+ texters, Jessica Eggert, who seemed too amazing not to include. 

And don’t forget Brittany Chavez, founder of Shop Latinx.

Social platform Somewhere Good, designed for people of color to connect around the things we and they love launches in 2021. Sign up to get early access and stay up to date on when it drops.

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