65 minutes | Dec 1st 2020

Danielle Perez ON Laughing Again

Wait. Laughing… like, “hahaha” and “lol”? There’s space to do that in the year 2020?! Yes. And super hilarious Danielle Perez is here to prove it. In this episode, the standup star — who found her comedy calling at 30 (so brave, we know) — shares how she’s kept creating in quarantine and how she’s making the entertainment world more inclusive. Yup, Danielle will make you laugh *and* give you the inspo to put pen to paper on your own projects.

Show Notes: Follow Danielle Perez on Instagram @divadelux. While you’re there, check out her bestie + this episode’s Womxn on the Rise, Madison Shepard.

Support Her: Subscribe to Danielle Perez and Madison Shepard’s podcast Wow Rude wherever you listen.

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