50 minutes | Oct 1, 2018

11. The Weird Ass Bay Area Dating Scene (Part 2)

Part 2! Dating is hard. But dating in the Bay?! That 's a whole 'nother story. We've been in many conversations centered around the foolishness of the Bay Area dating scene. Whether you're a transplant or are born and bred here, when it comes to dating you're most likely looking like confusion Susan aka lost AF. Why is that? We sat down with three brave souls who walked us through their dating experiences. After our discussion with Brandon (from Alabama), fellow podcaster (The Seeds You Sow) Aysha, and Oakland native and comedian, Elijah, we learned that in the age of social media, a tech industry boom, and gentrification, it's easy to understand why the dating landscape is a hodgepodge. While the ladies are looking to blame the men, and the men are looking at the women crazy, at the end of the day we just stuck on stupid looking at each other--and not connecting. Don't get us wrong: connections can be made here. But it's slim pickings. You have to WERK to make it work. The solution? Who knows. This conversation is a first step (don't forget to check out part 1). May the force be with us all. Follow us: Wokeland is available on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and errrrrywhere else! If you like the content, please leave us a review! Instagram: instagram.com/wokelandpodcast Facebook: facebook.com/oaklandiswoke Twitter: twitter.com/wokelandpodcast
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