55 minutes | Aug 9, 2018

08. Can Black People Be Gentrifiers? (Part One)

Where did gentrification come from? In the midst of a homeless and housing crisis, we are unable to escape the harsh reality of what is becoming the "New Oakland." From Permit Patty to BBQ Becky, to the fading Black population of Oakland, to the increasing cost of living we can't help but feel for all of the people who no longer recognize their city and are being pushed out of the place they call home. In order to get some insight, we sat down with three people from the Town who are in the midst of this battle: Jahmel is the founder of Real Oakland (@realoakland) and BBQ'n while Black. Avé (@keep_it_diasporic) is an artist dedicated to promoting the African diaspora through imagery. Seven (@afrooakland) is the executive director of Alena museum which is currently in the process of being evicted. You can learn more about their fight to keep the space and get involved by visiting alenamuseum.com This is part one of a two-part series. Next week, we'll get a few different perspectives. Stay Tuned!
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