9 minutes | Jul 14, 2021

[INTERMISSION V] Painted Glass

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I was hoping you would

ignore the faultlines

and pass over the flags

that say who I am

so I built us a nest

a soft enclosure

I was painted glass

I was born when you were

(so if it hurts I'll know it’s true)

And I would hate to be the one

stuck in past, lost in his tracks

and I would hate to be the one

groveling for a second glance

but  I could even rival that

and I have grown so spiteful that

even if I had a bright idea I’d shoot it down

that’s the point, I’m prepared to meet the ground

it’s a normalcy I’m begging you to know

a towering over you

I am full of age, I am coming for you

hoping you are stronger than I’m used to

it was silent death until the silence broke

until the tongue broke through the teeth I know

it was not hard to make myself known

over feet of sediment and soil

so we plant ourselves where we always did

so we’d always be here for it

if I witness much, let me witness this

a terrible idea, I admit

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