74 minutes | Sep 8, 2019

What's your relationship to mornings?

We can all understand the importance of starting our day in an intentional way. But before we jump into new habits, we need to look into our psyche and examine what’s really up when we wake up. Each of us has a pre-existing relationship with “mornings”. And it matters.

Menus of morning habits are easy to come by (harder to practice). But habits are only bandaids unless we get beneath the surface of our behavior and relating. That’s what most productivity methods fail to ask. What were mornings like for you growing up? What does your ideal morning *feel* like? Welcome to Morning Therapy (but, like, not therapy) with Danielle!

I struggled with mornings for a long time. There was a kind of resistance to starting the day, even when there was the presence of joy. I decided to take a deeper, psychological look—and it shifted everything for me. With a little help from my psychotherapist, essentially I created my own therapeutic approach to mornings. 

Morning mindfulness is how you activate your superpowers. Your steadiness and strength. And your connection to the sacred—everything we need on the graceful and the challenging days.

So, how do we power up our pre-day? First, we go deeper.



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