49 minutes | Sep 22nd 2019

Heart-centered manifesting: plans that also serve the collective.

It’s too late in the day, and too hot, crowded, and a little too painful on the planet, to be focused solely on personal attainment. Manifestation is a technology, and like all technologies, I pray that we use it to generate more loving realities for ourselves and for each other.

You can still reach for the dream job, the healthy bod’, and the love of your life. You get to want what you want. Always. I’m saying: want all of those things, AND incorporate other people’s wellness in your vision. Pray that when you receive those things, it will make you more generous, more joyous, more healthy… more able to contribute to the collective happiness of everybody around you.

This episode is a roundup of the potential mis-steps of popular manifestation techniques, and an invitation for something deeper and unifying.