71 minutes | May 20, 2021

Episode 7: Interview with a Member of the First LAPD SWAT Team c.1967, Sgt. Ron McCarthy (Ret.)

In Episode 7 we have the unique honor of interviewing LAPD SWAT Sgt. Ron McCarthy, who was one of LAPD SWAT's original members when it first formed in the 1960s, and was involved in the famous SLA shootout, amongst many other notable SWAT incidents. He is widely regarded as being instrumental in shaping LAPD SWAT's success, which has influenced all future generations of Law Enforcement.  WDF Podcast host, Scott Reitz, was a member of LAPD SWAT under Sgt. McCarthy's leadership and has always deeply revered him.   This is a special episode as we cover numerous topics including LAPD SWAT history, what makes a successful LAPD SWAT officer and what makes a successful leader.  Sgt. McCarthy is truly a living legend and we are very fortunate to be able to learn from him.Enjoy the episode!WDF Podcast inquiries: podcast@withdeadlyforce.comWDF Podcast website: www.withdeadlyforce.comITTS Firearms training inquiries: info@internationaltactical.comITTS Firearms training website: www.internationaltactical.comCopyright 2021 International Tactical Training Seminars, Inc.
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