78 minutes | Oct 1, 2020

Episode 6: LAFD, Public Safety and Bringing Military Experience to Local Units with Dave Danielson

In Episode 6 we interview LAFD firefighter Dave Danielson who has used his 25+ years of experience in the United States NAVY (2 tours in Iraq) as a hospital corpsman, helicopter crew chief and gunner, to help support his current position within the LAFD and to serve his community.  Dave shares details about LAFD and how they've grown over the years from primarily a firefighting outfit to being a complex and highly capable "All emergency department" with an abundance of modern resources.  Dave also discusses the the development of the TEMS team (Tactical Emergency Medical Services) and how they have helped support LAPD SWAT as well as other local Police Departments in providing rapid medical support during critical incidents such as active shooter events.  And finally, Dave touches on the LAFD drone program that he has helped develop and how this innovative approach not only helps with firefighting, but that drone technology is becoming much farther reaching in broader public safety efforts.Here's a link to LAFD's website for more information on educational and other resources to help keep you and your family safe: www.lafd.orgEnjoy the episode!WDF Podcast inquiries: podcast@withdeadlyforce.com WDF Podcast website: www.withdeadlyforce.com ITTS Firearms training inquiries: info@internationaltactical.com ITTS Firearms training website: www.internationaltactical.com Copyright 2020 International Tactical Training Seminars, Inc.
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