69 minutes | May 29, 2020

Episode 3: Interview with LAPD Sgt. Andy Markel - Officer in Charge of Tactics Training Unit

In this episode we interview LAPD Sgt. Andy Markel, who spent 30+ years on LAPD and held numerous roles including being a pistol, shotgun and carbine instructor, Use of Force Expert Witness, and concluded his career as the OIC (Officer in Charge) of the LAPD Tactics Training Unit.  Topics Discussed Include:Teaching tactics to officers.Connecting with and motivating young officers.Changing trends in Use of Force methods deployed by LAPD.Getting a team of instructors on the same page.Sgt. Markel's personal definition of Use of Force.The importance of understanding your department's policy.Tips for success in a Use of Force trial.Understanding depositions... what NOT to do.What is expected of an expert witness.Details about Use of Force cases Sgt. Markel has worked.Enjoy the episode!WDF Podcast inquiries: podcast@withdeadlyforce.com WDF Podcast website: www.withdeadlyforce.com ITTS Firearms training inquiries: info@internationaltactical.com ITTS Firearms training website: www.internationaltactical.com Copyright 2020 International Tactical Training Seminars, Inc.
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