32 minutes | Sep 26th 2018

World's #1 Crowdfunded Artist

**WATCH** THE FULL EPISODE:  https://wisechase.tv/podcast   Never did I ever think that Kickstarter could actually be used to be your ongoing selling platform! I thought it was a platform to showcase the "ideas" or demo product models, where capital could be raised to crowdfund your idea AND THEN you could take your business to market. Not for Cathrin Matchin, this ex award winning video game producer, turned Glow in the Dark Space Artist, not only used Kickstarter to launch her career as an artist, it's literally her direct selling platform. With billions of websites in the world, ranking on Google is not easy and even if you become an Amazon reseller, the market is pretty competitive. So should more of us be looking at Kickstarter to try and offer our unique product or service? She raised $289,000 in 30 days from Crowdfunders! With her compelling Kickstarter campaigns, some of the largest SPACE companies in the world have taken notice to her work and have now commissioned her to create massive glow in the dark space art. Was it SpaceX or N.A.S.A? She couldn't quite tell us with who just yet, but I think there are some big projects within Cathrin's pipeline. And guess what?!... She ONLY just taught herself how to paint 2 years ago! Cathrin Matchin shares her compelling story about pivoting into the world of art and business by utilizing Kickstarter, and tearfully talks about the pressures and expectations she had put on herself, in order to value herself within her previous career. ------------------------- If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask them on this episode on WiseChase.TV  or start a conversation in our community forum at: https://wisechase.tv/wisechase-forum Leave us a review and don't forget to subscribe to the show!  VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR TV EPISODES: https://wisechase.tv FOLLOW WiseChase on: FACEBOOK: @wisechase INSTAGRAM: @wisechasetv YOUTUBE: @wisechase LINKEDIN: @jolenestillinger
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