26 minutes | Jul 11th 2018

Sold EVERYTHING to Create the MOBILE APP he Needed

The more we invest our time into technology, the less we are physically active. The reality is that once we finish school, it isn't as easy to meet people, especially if you've moved to a new city or community. Let's face it, not all of our best buds enjoy the exact same hobbies, but what if an APP could make this easier? As featured on Ted X, we've brought Hafiz Mitha to WiseChase TV. He's created the very app that can match-make you to a new friend that is based on location and hobby. They're considering this, the 'Tinder' for the hobbyist looking for an activity partner. How do you bring a mobile app to the marketplace anyways? Learn about Hafiz' s story on selling EVERYTHING, so he could create the APP that he wanted for himself, to connect with others and build community. **WATCH** THE FULL EPISODE:  https://wisechase.tv/podcast ------------------------- If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask them on this episode on WiseChase.TV  or start a conversation in our community forum at: https://wisechase.tv/wisechase-forum Leave us a review and don't forget to subscribe to the show!  VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR TV EPISODES: https://wisechase.tv FOLLOW WiseChase on: FACEBOOK: @wisechase INSTAGRAM: @wisechasetv YOUTUBE: @wisechase LINKEDIN: @jolenestillinger
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