30 minutes | May 30th 2018

Raking Weeds to Fund a MILLION Dollar Company

A half million dollar company built out of his parents closet. Colin Pischke knocked on neighbours doors to offer help with his community seaweed problem, so he could fund his own company idea that gives LIMBS to people all over the world. He got a lot of no's until someone said YES. **WATCH** THE FULL EPISODE: https://wisechase.tv/raking-weeds-to-fund-a-million-dollar-company If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask them on this episode on WiseChase.TV  or start a conversation in our community forum at: https://wisechase.tv/wisechase-forum Leave us a review and don't forget to subscribe to the show!  VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR TV EPISODES: https://wisechase.tv/podcast FOLLOW WiseChase on: FACEBOOK: @wisechase INSTAGRAM: @wisechasetv YOUTUBE: @wisechase LINKEDIN: @jolenestillinger
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