24 minutes | Aug 1st 2018

How to Prepare to GET THE JOB!

I got a chance to interview, Chris Hart - a veteran recruiter with over a decade of experience to discuss how trends are changing in the employment application process. For me, when I was an employee, I had never used a recruitment agency, however it's always intrigued me as to how it worked? If I was ever to look for employment, I don't even have a resume anymore...it's now a 'personal portfolio', so I was curious to find out what my resume should look like, if I was ever to enter the employment market again, and WHO should I go to exactly, for help in finding the perfect employer for me? That being said, he's got quite the heart and passion for what he does and being a recruiter doesn't exactly sound like it's the easiest job, so Chris decided to create a niche platform just for recruiters to offer them support and tips to help recruiters find candidates, and it's already picking up traction with guest contributors! **WATCH** THE FULL EPISODE:  https://wisechase.tv/podcast ------------------------- If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask them on this episode on WiseChase.TV  or start a conversation in our community forum at: https://wisechase.tv/wisechase-forum Leave us a review and don't forget to subscribe to the show!  VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR TV EPISODES: https://wisechase.tv FOLLOW WiseChase on: FACEBOOK: @wisechase INSTAGRAM: @wisechasetv YOUTUBE: @wisechase LINKEDIN: @jolenestillinger
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