26 minutes | Aug 15th 2018

Best Selling Author Addicted & on Welfare

**WATCH** THE FULL EPISODE:  https://wisechase.tv/podcast When I first met Karen Klassen through a mutual friend, all I seen was a walking success and powerful woman. Never did I think at first glance, that she had ever been on welfare or even worse - addicted to drugs. She had a drug dealing boyfriend and all she could think about was taking from others. The narcissist and addict personality had taken over her mind, body and soul. What and when exactly can this happen to us and why? Is it deep rooted issues from childhood? Karen's dad had wished that she was a boy, so she spent most of her childhood trying to act like a boy, believing that her dad would give her more love. It didn't really work. As an adult, she sought love and acceptance through men and sex and lost herself and purpose along the way. I can relate to feeling ashamed as to who you were or where you came from. I was a child of alcohol abuse and poverty. We all have a past and the life we choose and WHO we decide to become is always up to one person - YOU. You need to realize that you are not alone in the world of broken families, abuse, addiction, neglect or poverty. There will always be someone, whether a child or adult that may need to hear YOUR story, so they can be inspired to keep going. If you are struggling to make that 360 degree turn, you're not only going to be inspired by a woman who hurdled through her own pain and dark demons, you're also going to learn how she created a coaching and book publishing empire and how you can become the hero of your own story too.   ------------------------- If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask them on this episode on WiseChase.TV  or start a conversation in our community forum at: https://wisechase.tv/wisechase-forum Leave us a review and don't forget to subscribe to the show!  VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR TV EPISODES: https://wisechase.tv FOLLOW WiseChase on: FACEBOOK: @wisechase INSTAGRAM: @wisechasetv YOUTUBE: @wisechase LINKEDIN: @jolenestillinger
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