52 minutes | Aug 1, 2021

#34 – Greater Endurance with Chest Expansion — Bob Prichard

Can you achieve greater endurance with improved chest expansion? Today’s WiseAthletes episode is with Bob Prichard of Somax Performance Institute. Bob, Glen and I talk to about a Microfiber Reduction treatment he developed for improving restricted chest expansion. Microfibers are scar tissue, which Bob says is very common, especially among those who have ever had injuries to their ribcage and surrounding muscles.  Even though I have had broken ribs in my past, I was certain my chest expansion was good. I was surprised to find I had rather severe restricted chest expansion. It turns out that restricted chest expansion is not something you can feel....you have to measure it. Measure yourself and find out if this applies to you. Bob Prichard, President of Somax Performance Institute   Bob has worked with over 5,000 athletes to improve performance by improving flexibility and efficiency.  His 18 Olympic athletes have won 43 Gold Medals and set 11 World Records. Bob has made original contributions to the sports fields of running, swimming, cycling, golf, tennis, rowing and others. He is the author of The Efficient Golfer and the forthcoming Beyond Muscle and The Great Brain Robbery.   Check out the Somax website (www.somaxsports.com) to see before and after photos and videos of athletes who have completed his program. Somax Performance Institute website www.somaxsports.com
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