40 minutes | Jan 15th 2015

Yogi Wisdom

Tapasyogi Nandhi Visionary, yogi, transformational guide Represents the mystical path of the Siddhars of South India The most potent blessing we could ever receive from a sage, a yogi or any enlightened master is to receive the uplifting, igniting grace of our own consciousness.” – Tapasyogi Nandhi. Tapasyogi Nandhi, representing the mystical path of the Siddhars of South India, tells Andie the secrets of reaching higher levels of consciousness, and living in joy and close to your heart purpose and path. He is a visionary, yogi, transformational guide and a humanitarian. Nandhi’s life mission is in sharing consciousness through offerings of empowering Siddhar mantras of ancient grace, through music, through the teachings of mastery of consciousness and through the inspired work of the heart as in the grand visions. He is a regular contributor to the Elephant, and just released the book, Mastery of Consciousness: Awaken the Inner Prophet. These are moments when the intense enlightened energies of the Sages, as consciousness, reach each of us in ease. My purpose is to be the joyful instrument that can uplift humanity to amazing possibilities of consciousness. Imagine a million Mahatma Gandhis, Rumis and Einsteins! This is a possibility in our times. We are the realities of this consciousness.” – Tapasyogi Nandhi. Nandhi's Website Declaration of Consciousness Songs: Dance of the Siddhars and Maha Panchakashara from the album Arakara Books mentions: Mastery of Consciousness: Awaken the Inner Prophet and Autobiography of a Yogi Andie's Dancing Eagle reading on gratitude
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