45 minutes | Sep 11, 2018

We're Just Getting Started

Just like liner and life, I wing my first episode. From accidentally calling beauty icon Chrisspy "thicker than a BOAT of oatmeal", trying to figure out what happened to Cardi B's face at NYFW to what's in my travel bag and questions from the internet fam, it's an episode one to remember. Strap in and grab a snack, we're winging it. EPISODE BREAKDOWN: 0:00-1:30 Welcome to Wing It. 1:30-6:20 Who are you Nicole, why are you talking to me, accidentally referring to my favorite icon Chrisspy as a boat of oatmeal. 6:21-10:16 NYFW Memories, NYFW 2018: Cardi B, what happened to your head? 10:17-12:30 Fun facts, thick like an actual boat of oatmeal, my skin is hella dry. 12:31-22:10 What's in my travel makeup bag. 22:11-30:35 PR and recent purchases, the Pizza Kiss story. 30:36-33:30: Purchases continued: Jen Atkin, I love you and your angel brand. 33:31-44:04: Q&A from the internet fam. 44:05 See ya next time, never ask a girl with winged liner why she's late.
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