44 minutes | Jun 17, 2021

41. 'Be Careful, Have Fun, Good Luck'

Have you lost a parent at a young age? Or perhaps you've struggled with grief and isolation? How does someone overcome the mental battles that comes during hard times? How can we support others through loss and struggle? How can a parent help a child through trauma and difficulties? Four an a half years ago, it was a normal, fall day for 15 year old Dakota Leuzinger. Little did he know that day would be his last time hunting with his dad. Life changed in an instant. Tune in how to hear Dakota bravely share his story of losing his father, the struggles that come afterward, what pulled him out of his lowest point and how he's helping others walk through hard things. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/becky_allen/ SHOW NOTES: www.winthedaypro.com/be-careful-have-fun-good-luck/  
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