24 minutes | Feb 18, 2021

31. This is 36

Surprise! It's a special podcast drop to celebrate my 36th birthday! 🥳 Join me as I reflect on the past year of my life and the lessons that built out my last 365 days like how to listen to your body, why I unsubscribed from the hustle method, death by appropriateness, eliminating guilt and how vulnerability is the the way through. Right now my life feels messy, complicated and unfinished but it's real and it's where I'm at and what I'm leaning into. But you know what? I can feel the shift and the new, long awaited version of me is here.❤️ Can you do me a favor? I'd love for you to help me celebrate by listening to this episode. What lesson can you related most to? What are you currently learning? What new version of yourself are you welcoming in? It's a beautiful journey my friends and I am here for it.
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