89 minutes | Apr 1st 2019

Lisa Scrivens: Connecting You To Spirit

Lisa Scrivens is on a mission to help as many people as she can by connecting them to spirit and better understand the journey we all take. From a young age Lisa could see and sense spirit.  She grew up with a mother and grandmother that also shared this gift and recognized it for what it was. She attempted to push this aside as she was embarrassed at the possibility of being made fun of.  It wasn't until her grandmother that had since passed away came to her and told her it was her time to use this gift, that she decided to honour her and begin to utilize with the intention of helping people. Finding comfort after a loved one has passed is what most come looking to Lisa for, as do those that fear the unknown and need to appease their own anxious fears.  For our co-host Alison who lost her daughter tragically (see episode 9 for her story), Lisa became her lifeline and gave her the only possible comfort when she connected and knew her daughter was ok. Unbeknownst to many, Lisa freely offers her services to palliative care patients. This is something that has really become an important part of her strong desire to give back.  It was while giving in service that Lisa discovered yet another gift she instinctively felt led by.  You will have to tune in to hear exactly what that gift is, when Lisa shares this publicly for the very first time!  We hope you will enjoy this special episode and find comfort you might be needing. lisascrivens.com @lisascrivensmedium Lisa Scrivens-Canadian Medium Facebook Group
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