36 minutes | Oct 22, 2020

S2 E6: Hear No Aliens, See No Aliens

To really look for intelligent extraterrestrial life, say scientists, we have to look way far out into space. A new set of initiatives—the Breakthrough Initiatives—are experimenting with cutting-edge technology to do just that. These new ideas, funded by private industry instead of the government, are the future of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence—and we hear from the scientists who are leading the charge. *Wild Thing premium members get access to all of season 2, ad free, plus exclusive bonus episodes. Sign up now to listen and support the show. https://wildthing.supportingcast.fm/ *Season 2 of Wild Thing is produced by Laura Krantz and Scott Carney. Editing by Alicia Lipinski. Music and mixing by Louis Weeks.
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