31 minutes | Nov 19, 2020

S2 E10: The Truth Is Out There

'Oumuamua is long gone—out of sight and almost impossible to reach. The excitement over it generated endless fascination about what (and who) might be out there. Ultimately, that’s what this search for extraterrestrial life represents—a series of questions that don’t have good answers and may never have them, not now, not in another millennia. So why search? What does it matter? What are we hoping to find? And what does it mean if we don’t find anything at all? *Wild Thing premium members get access to all of season 2, ad free, plus exclusive bonus episodes. Sign up now to listen and support the show. https://wildthing.supportingcast.fm/ *Season 2 of Wild Thing is produced by Laura Krantz and Scott Carney. Editing by Alicia Lipinski. Music and mixing by Louis Weeks.
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