28 minutes | May 25, 2021

Ep 016: How Tiny Living Gives Us Freedom | Wild Hixsons

Ep 016: How Tiny Living Gives Us Freedom Part of living in an RV is embracing living in a small space, which naturally lends itself to the philosophy of minimalism! We have learned that going minimalist gives you a TON of freedom. Just having less stuff to worry about and take care of frees your mind and your lifestyle. Tune in to hear how we got started with minimalism and all of our tips for truly embracing this philosophy of life! Have a listen 🎧 and be sure to subscribe so you can follow along and travel the country with us! Available on all major podcast stations. Just search for 'Wild Hixsons' on your favorite app.   Wild Hixsons Instagram: @wildhixsons Facebook YouTube Podcast Newly Nomads Instagram: @newlynomads Facebook Strangers Worth Meeting Instagram: @thixsonlife Podcast YouTube
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