28 minutes | Apr 14, 2021

Ep 013: City Life RVing | Wild Hixsons

Ep 013: City Life RVing Have you ever wondered what it is like to RV in a city? 🏙️ Visiting cities isn't what people usually picture when they think about RV life, but it's an essential part of how we travel. We find that visiting a city is the perfect time to regroup and re-organize our life for our next big adventure - and it’s a lot of fun! Tune in to hear about how to take advantage of cities and our amazing time in Kansas City. Available on all major podcast stations. Just search for 'Wild Hixsons' on your favorite app. 🎧   Wild Hixsons Instagram: @wildhixsons Facebook YouTube Podcast Newly Nomads Instagram: @newlynomads Facebook Strangers Worth Meeting Instagram: @thixsonlife Podcast YouTube
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