33 minutes | Mar 10, 2021

Ep 011: Baking in an RV | Wild Hixsons

Episode 11: Baking in an RV The world of bread possibilities with sourdough is endless! In Today's episode, we dive into all of the ways you can use sourdough in your life to help you create a healthy, delicious, and consistent diet - and how to do all of that while living in an RV! We even share some of our favorites recipes for you to give a try 🍞😋 Have a listen 🎧 and be sure to subscribe so you never miss an exciting episode about life on the road! Available on all major podcast stations. Just search for 'Wild Hixsons' on your favorite app. Wild Hixsons Instagram: @wildhixsons Facebook YouTube Podcast Newly Nomads Instagram: @newlynomads Facebook Strangers Worth Meeting Instagram: @thixsonlife Podcast YouTube  
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