90 minutes | Oct 13, 2021

Wild About Flapper Skates with Ed Lavender - S2 E6

Hello and welcome back to the Wild About conservation Podcast. Join us this episode as we chat with Ed Lavender about all things flapper skate, what they are, where you can find them and how much is still left to explore! We also dive into how you our listeners can get involved - be sure to check out our socials for more info! You can find our full show notes on our website. Here is where to find us: Twitter: twitter.com/HaveAWildDay Instagram: instagram.com/have.a.wild.day/ Www: wildaboutconservation.com Email: wildaboutconservation@gmail.com Patreon: patreon.com/wildaboutconservation Get us featured elsewhere: wildaboutconservation@gmail.com Our logo: instagram.com/sion_draws And finally don’t forget to subscribe and share us with your friends!
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