36 minutes | Mar 23, 2020

Get out and Hike with Your Wiener

Today's episode was recorded well before the situation we all find ourselves in. The world is suffering a pandemic and tying to fight Covid-19. As dachshund guardians we are lucky to have four legged therapist right at the ready. They have been waiting patiently for us to be home all day to share their love and compassion.  The only thing they ask of us is a walk and to be fed. Maybe throw a ball or take a nap. Today's guest Jessica from You Did What With Your Wiener shares how she organized a group of wiener dog lovers to get out and take a walk and build a community around our biggest passion.  If you are interested in working with us send an email to bark@wienerdoglover.com and we will send you a sponsorship package.  How you can contact us:  Facebook  Instagram Twitter      
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