23 minutes | May 26, 2021

WPC Interview: Jacob Bacharach

I’m doing a series of interviews with contributors to the second book by the Wicked Problems Collaborative, What do we do after the pandemic? For that, I recently sat down with Jacob Bacharach to discuss his chapter, Reclaiming Public Space, in which he takes us on a virtual tour of his city during the early stage of the pandemic. In that, Jacob sees his city anew and gives us the chance to do the same. Alongside the discussion of his chapter, we also talked about the recent conflict in Gaza, as well as reasons for hope in this challenging time. It was a wide-ranging discussion that was a joy to take part in. Here’s hoping it offers you some interesting insights or at least a few deep belly laughs. We certainly had our share recording it.WPC Book #2: What do we do after the pandemic? is available for pre-order.Jacob is both a novelist and a regular contributor to a variety of progressive outlets. His latest book, The Doorposts of Your House and on Your Gates, is available here, and he has a long list of interesting articles available on his site. (You might start with Watching South Park at the End of the World.)Jacob BacharachCheck out Jacob’s website. Get on the email list at wpcs.substack.com
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