70 minutes | Jul 23rd 2019

Why I’m Not Inspiring with Ben Nemtin


Ben Nemtin has been inspiring thousands since his hit MTV show The Buried Life and his New York Times #1 Best Selling Book What Do You Want To Do Before You Die? burst onto the scene and captured everyone’s attention. Brant and Ben discuss the life of a professional speaker tasked with the job of inspiring all that come before him. It feels like our culture is looking for guidance and inspiration more than ever and it’s a fascinating look into the world from someone living it first hand. In this episode you’ll hear all about the process creating The Buried Life and why the idea of living for things on your bucket list has become so popular. It’s a absolute must listen.

Brant and Co-Host Tricia Hershberger discuss the world of inspiration and motivation through social and traditional media.

Ben Nemtin: Professional Speaker, Author

Running Time: 1:10:10

3:28 – Who inspires you
7:50 – Why do people need inspiration
15:42 – Guest: Ben Nemtin
1:02:30 – Why I’m Not… What did we learn?

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