28 minutes | Sep 8, 2021

Will Swenson (Part 2) - Actor/Singer on the Changes He Hopes to See in Theater, Especially Broadway

As we came to the end of part one of our conversation Will Swenson and I were talking about the deeper questions of who we are as artists and as individuals in the absolute importance of bringing ourselves, our full selves to the stage. This is certainly one of the biggest lessons that we have to learn as actors and performers, and I throw in a couple of questions about lessons he and his wife Audra McDonald have learned from each other. Also in this episode, the Final Five has been included. Though these five final questions are normally a bonus members-only episode, it's been added here as I try out a slightly different format for the show. What do you think? But we start off talking about Will’s performance in the Broadway revival of HAIR back in 2009. It was certainly a vast departure from the Will I had known both on stage and off, and it seemed as though that show and the character of Berger in particular allowed him a freedom and an energy that he had never gotten to express on stage before. Sign up for the monthly WINMI Newsletter.  If you'd like to watch Part Two of our conversation on YouTube, then become a WINMI supporter. Click the link below to get access to other special episodes and bonus content as well. Support WINMI and receive Members-Only Episodes Check out Artist Resources and follow WINMI on Instagram or Twitter Follow Will Swenson on Twitter ---------- Why I’ll Never Make It is a Top 25 Theater Podcast on Feedspot, and is also a part of Helium Radio Network and a member of the Broadway Makers Alliance.  Music in the episode by Borrtex is used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.  
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