46 minutes | Sep 20, 2021

Nate Patten REWIND on the Strange and Wonderful 2020 Tony Award Nominations

We're less than a week away from the 2020 Tony Awards ceremony (finally!) so I wanted to bring back this special episode all about those surprising Tony Award Nominations (announced 11 months ago) and the fallout from them. My conversation is with music director, conductor, and fellow podcaster Nate Patton. Nate and I first met when he was associate conducting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Broadway. And his podcast called Booked It. The title to one of his episodes was “Broadway is broken and I alone can fix it.” And it's this kind of witty, tongue-in-cheek, knowledgeable opinion that I wanted to bring on the show as we talk about things like: The lone best actor nomination of Aaron Tveit The complete snubbing of the lightning thief Only plays being nominated for best original score Nate and I will also get into these topics and more, including what these nominations in general say about the state of theater, and we even make a few Tony predictions. You can also watch this full conversation (with 7 extra minutes) on YouTube -  Here are links to the people and topics discussed in this episode: Broadway reaches for normalcy with Tony Award nominations  ‘West Side Story’ Won’t Reopen on Broadway Snubs and Surprises: The Tonys Point a Middle Finger at The Lightning Thief  Tony Award Snubs, What Ifs And That Strange Case Of Aaron Tveit The 2020 Tony Award nominations were weird and sad  Tony Awards Announces 2019-2020 Nominating Committee Outer Critics Circle Honorees  Tony Nominee Reactions  Support WINMI and get access to a members-only private podcast feed. Join the monthly WINMI Newsletter by going to whyillnevermakeit.com  --------- Incidental music in this episode by Chad Crouch and Admiral Bob and used under a Creative Commons License.  
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