14 minutes | Aug 6, 2021

Kristen Hetzel and Keep the Flame Alive Talk Team USA Duathlon & Maintaining Her Acting Career

Last year I started releasing bonus episodes to those who supported this podcast on a monthly basis. Well, this is one of those special episodes with Kristen Hetzel. I brought along the co-hosts of Olympic podcast Keep the Flame Alive. Jill and Allison ask questions which bring a different perspective to my conversation with this silver and bronze medal duathlete. They ask about Team USA, correlations between acting training and athleticism, and even wonder about guys who challenge Kristen to dumb physical contests. It's a wide ranging talk that offers unique insight for us actors. Thank you Jill and Allison! Support WINMI with one-time donations or monthly giving, please go to the website.  Sign up for the monthly newsletter  Learn more about Keep the Flame Alive by checking out my recommendation episode.  And here's a bit of behind-the-scenes info... Jill and Alison actually recorded their part separately. I asked Kristen the questions, and then added their audio with some editing magic to create the bonus episode you have here. Enjoy!  
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