60 minutes | Aug 9, 2021

Eff Your Fears with Actress and Model Ashley Monique Menard

For the past week I have been doing a deep dive into podcasting at a yearly conference called Podcast Movement. It's a place where podcasters like me can learn how to make better episodes, conduct riveting interviews, engage with listeners like you even more, and figure out ways to make my podcast both sustainable and profitable. The goal is to give you and future listeners even more reasons to come back week after week for another episode. At last year‘s conference I actually met a guest you’ve already heard from earlier this season, Ashley Monique Menard.  Listen to Ashley's WINMI episodes and follow her on Instagram. She is one energetic, fun, and talented lady who talked about her own creative journey and zeroed in on the idea of patience and what we expect from ourselves. Right after she appeared on this podcast, she invited me on her own podcast called Eff Your Fears. It is a bold and deliberate effort to help artists overcome what holds them back. Because as we all know fear is one of the biggest reasons why we’ll never make it.  So while I’m off learning and growing to a better host and producer of this show, I wanted to share my conversation with Ashley on her podcast. You’ll certainly learn more of my story and hear it from a unique and quirky perspective that only Ashley can bring.  Join WINMI: Memberships / Instagram / Twitter / Monthly Newsletter ————— Why I’ll Never Make It is a Top 20 Theater Podcast on Feedspot  Season 5 brings with it a new ways connect with me and the guests and new opportunities to learn and grow as an artist: Members-Only Episodes and videos Coachings and Consultations Artist Resources and Offers All this and more can be found at the website: whyillnevermakeit.com   
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