99 minutes | Apr 22, 2021

WYG? #187: Brian Simpson

Brian Simpson might need help squeezing out a cry, but he does not need help being very open and of course, so hilarious!!! We had a ton of fun talking to Brian about working at Burger King, crying (not crying), joining the Marines, starting comedy in San Diego, growing up in foster care, working with narcs, becoming an atheist after being close with God, forming relationships, and 20% tithes directly to Brian's pocket!!! Follow Brian on Instagram at @bscomedian! Follow the pod everywhere at @whosyourgodcast AND, we have a PATREON! YAY. We have multiple levels of patronage that include bonus eps, a fun Slack hangout, personal shout outs, free comedy show tickets (online and live), merch, inclusion in our Book Club, exclusive religious media reviews, and more!! Go to Patreon.com/whosyourgod to subscribe. Email us at whosyourgodcast@gmail.com if you have questions or wanna say HELLO! And THANK YOU!!!
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