65 minutes | Mar 3, 2021

Will Ahmed discusses entrepreneurship, building WHOOP, and the future of technology

Will Ahmed sits down with Joe Bullmore of the Gentleman's Journal podcast to discuss everything about WHOOP and our journey over the last decade. This conversation is a deep dive on entrepreneurship, the future of wearable technology, and exactly how WHOOP is trying to unlock human performance. Will and Joe discuss the origin of WHOOP (4:16), believing in your vision (8:58), how WHOOP leads to positive health changes (12:33), being told you will fail (13:20), building prototypes and tracking HRV (20:57), WHOOP as a coaching tool (28:37), sleep: the last frontier of health (33:24), COVID-19 and respiratory rate (35:58), how WHOOP got its name (42:16), the future of wearable technology (45:00), learning on the job (49:03), how to hire the right people (51:14), and defining success (1:01:30). 

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