47 minutes | Mar 31, 2021

Understanding the brain: How sleep quality affects impulse control and willpower

Bryan Johnson is on a mission to unlock the secrets of the human brain. Using the money he made from the sale of Venmo in 2013, Bryan launched a groundbreaking company, Kernel, that builds hardware measuring the activity of your brain. The team at Kernel recently did a study with WHOOP that showed a direct correlation between sleep quality and impulse control. Bryan joins Will Ahmed to discuss his mission (2:47), finding your purpose (5:08), the success of Venmo (9:56), making his dream a reality (11:19), building a WHOOP for the brain (13:33), Kernel’s study with WHOOP (20:00), what we can learn from neural data (25:50), the future of brain measuring technology (29:43), fasting 13 hours before bed to optimize deep sleep (37:23), why singing is his secret to high HRV (37:53).Support the show (http://whoop.com)
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