54 minutes | Mar 10, 2021

CrossFit owner Eric Roza details how he made his dream of owning CrossFit a reality.

WHOOP is the now official wearable of CrossFit, and we’re celebrating our new partnership by welcoming CrossFit owner and CEO Eric Roza to the WHOOP Podcast. Eric shares his story and why he believes owning CrossFit is his calling in life. He explains how he’s changing the culture at CrossFit, his vision for the brand and the sport moving forward, and why surrounding yourself with good people is one of the keys to success in business and in life. He discusses making his dream to own CrossFit a reality (2:34), taking over a brand in crisis (6:36), the CrossFit economy (10:36), the WHOOP-CrossFit partnership (12:56), his vision for the sport (15:10), CrossFit’s worldwide reach (19:29), what sets CrossFit apart (31:41), elite drive and determination (39:13), improving sleep (41:50), keys to succeeding in CrossFit (46:36), and cultivating good relationships (50:58).Support the show (http://whoop.com)
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