48 minutes | Feb 10, 2021

Chef Michael Chernow discusses sobriety, gratitude, and what drives him to perform

Chef, businessman, and athlete Michael Chernow discusses his journey to sobriety, the importance of gratitude, and what drives him to perform in life. Michael talks about overcoming adversity and what he’s learned along the way. He also shares how he’s learned to balance being a father, a husband, a fitness freak, and a successful businessman all at the same time. Michael discusses finding his passion at a young age (2:09), getting sober (5:14), the role fitness plays in sobriety (8:24), using WHOOP (11:47), skipping workouts on red recovery days (15:12), learning patience (21:31), becoming a bodybuilder (22:21), how kickboxing helped on his road to recovery (28:47), finding work-life balance (34:34), gratitude (37:39), and learning from failure (40:41).

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