48 minutes | Jun 16, 2021

Actress Lina Esco talks mindfulness, meditation, and overcoming rejection.

Actress Lina Esco, the co-star of the CBS drama SWAT, joins the WHOOP Podcast to talk about mindfulness, meditation, and finding success in Hollywood. Lina shares why learning those skills have made a tremendous difference in her life, and also explains why connecting with your subconscious is critical for everyone. She candidly details how she overcame a tough childhood and drug addiction to get where she is today. Lina discusses becoming an actress (2:15), her early struggles (3:26), dealing with rejection (5:54), meditation (11:31), breathing techniques and HRV (15:36), using WHOOP (23:56), exercise and memorization (28:17), channeling nerves (35:41), doing her own stunts (37:52), Netflix's impact on entertainment (45:23). Support the show (http://whoop.com)
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