8 minutes | Aug 11, 2020

Controlling The Clock

One of the toughest parts about scaling your wholesale business is creating consistent and predictable revenue and cash flow.  One week you might close 4 deals. Then you might not close another one for the rest of the month.  Not only does this create a false sense of success, but it causes your team to lack trust in your process and lose motivation.  In this episode, you’ll learn the real way to “Control the Clock” to create consistent and predictable revenue and scale your business.  Here Are The Show Highlights: Why closing multiple deals in the same day actually stunts your growth (2:13)  Why it’s better to close one deal per week than 4 deals in one day (2:38)  The “Controlling the Clock Trick” for finally achieving consistent revenue and cash flow (2:49)  How closing a deal every week will skyrocket your business’s growth (even if you’re only closing small deals) (4:23)  If you're ready to put the power of wholescaling to work for you, then head over to https://JoeEvangelisti.com/downloads to get your free “Business In A Box” downloads.  Or if you're a true action taker, ready to blow the lid off your results. You can apply now to work with our team to build the business of your dreams faster than you ever thought possible. Go to http://realestatemoneymindset.com to apply and change your life.  Do you want to become a successful wholesaler and help support the show? Then, share this with two people and go to wherever you listen to podcasts, subscribe to the show, and leave a 5-star rating and review. We will pick one of the top five star comments and give away free swag and goodies. 
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