29 minutes | Jun 3, 2021

WIP 702: Expert Interview – How to Earn Massive Profits from Homes with NO Equity

On today’s episode, Brent Daniels is joined by “The Queen of Short Sales”, Nicole Espinosa. Nicole talks about how she got started in the real estate industry and has quickly become the authority on all things short sales. 

Nicole is a Licensed Realtor who is super proficient in very complex real estate transactions and she breaks down her process, step by step, for dealing with short sales…and why this is one of the most overlooked (and profitable) niches in real estate (the riches are in the niches).

She shares all of her tips, tactics and, strategies for making a fortune in short sales, quickly. If you want to learn more about short sales or have been thinking about how to bring this profitable real estate niche into your business, this episode is a must-listen!


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