33 minutes | May 31, 2021

WIP 699: Genius Insights – An Inside Look at an 8-Figure Real Estate Business

Partnerships can sometimes be a slippery slope. But when you find the “right” partner, it’s easy to achieve explosive success in your business quickly. 

Having the right person to offer constructive criticism and feedback as well as validating (or shooting down) new ideas, can be extremely valuable.

However, these things happen ONLY if you choose the right person to partner with! How? Discover the secrets to building an effective partnership on this compelling episode of the Wholesaling Inc. Podcast!

Today’s guest is Pete de Best, Co-Founder of Tarek Buys Houses, LLC and the President of US Lending Network, Inc. Along with his business partner, Tarek El Moussa, star of the HGTV hit series “Flip or Flop”, they founded Tarek Buys Houses, LLC, a real estate house flipping (and wholesaling) company based out of Anaheim, CA.

Pete talks about his relationship with Tarek El Moussa, how they met, what their partnership looks like, and the many mistakes they made when first starting out in the business. 

Join Pete as he reveals all the “do’s and don’t’s” of an effective partnership and why so many partnerships fail. Discover the secrets to building an effective partnership that actually works and learns how to fast-track your success in the real estate wholesaling business.

the locations to buy properties ideally and some helpful advice on working with a partner or a team. You don’t want to miss this episode!



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