29 minutes | May 27, 2021

WIP 697: How to Do 100 Real Estate Wholesaling Deals Per Year from Only Referrals

We’re back with another jam-packed episode where we share the tips, tricks, and strategies you can immediately implement to start making money in real estate...RIGHT NOW! 

In today’s show, our guest is Austin Rutherford. He is an entrepreneur, investor, author, and real estate developer. He’s doing a hundred deals a year, has added 70 doors to his rental portfolio, is flipping 50 to 60 of those deals every year, and how he is doing ALL of this using referrals from other investors as his primary lead source.

In this episode, Austin talks about his journey into real estate investing. He shares how he managed to flip his first property without any money and goes deep into a deal where he generated explosive profits. 

Join Austin as he breaks down the challenges he faced when he first got into real estate investing, how he financed his first property while being a student, and the lessons he learned throughout his real estate investing career.


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