8 minutes | May 21, 2021

WIP 693: Wholesaling Quicktip – How to Achieve 377% Return on Investment by Following Warren Buffett’s Advice

Brent prefers to buy properties with massive discounts and sell them at easy financing, without credit and background check, to someone who comes to him with a downpayment, giving them affordable monthly payments in return for the land of their dreams. He found those properties through a close-out sale with Paul, whom he met in a Facebook group at a massive discount of $1K, expecting a gross enterprise value of $33K from multiple land deals!

In this episode, Brent breaks down the close-out sale deal with four properties he and his team made with Paul, a wholesaler he met in a Facebook group. He will also talk about the strategies, concepts, and terms that help in doing multiple massive deals beneficial to you as an investor.

Learn another way to level up your wholesaling business through lands from Brent himself. Turn the volume up and listen to this episode.


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