41 minutes | Nov 19, 2019

Core Principle #1 | The Wrestle: Seeking God

This is the first of Love Strong’s Core Principles The Wrestle: Seeking God Symbol: Candlestick You have a creator who wants you to know Him so he can guide you. Tapping into a pure connection with God is essential for finding true success in recovery from sexual addiction. This is done through intentional learning, praying, scriptures, meditation, and opening your heart to listen. This is the best place to start on this journey to a wholehearted life. In this video, Ty shares a tragic story about loss through which God created a path to find his purpose in life. Chase shares a personal story of learning about God and knowing of His existence for the first time. We discuss the value and reasoning for this first principle. Why is it so crucial in the process of overcoming sexual addictions like pornography?
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