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Episode 120: How to Stop Mosquito Bites + why it matters to autoimmunity

How to Stop Mosquito Bites (and Why it Matters for Autoimmunity) Are you tired of trying to figure out how to stop the mosquito bites from making you miserable? Did you know that constantly being attacked by mosquitos is actually preventable and super important to protect your immune system – especially for autoimmune sufferers? I know you are probably thinking – wait, now I have to be uber careful about mosquitos too? It’s not exactly that – if you are the one that is always getting bitten up – then learning how to stop mosquito bites WILL help you and will help your immune system to function properly. This happens because you are avoiding that little jolt of inflammatory saliva from the mosquito and because being loved by mosquitos is a sign that there are other deficiencies happening in your body. Today you will know exactly what that might mean for you (and it could be a clue to one of your root causes AND you will also find out some natural ways you can stop mosquito bites while you are working on the deeper internal nutrient deficiencies. RESOURCES AND LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Transcript: https://audreychristie.com/120 Lab Results Review: https://p.bttr.to/3daoeT4 Download 5 Steps You Can Take TODAY to Start Healing Your Autoimmune Disease https://audreychristie.com/autoimmune  Free Mini Case Review: https://audreychristie.com/work-with-audrey/  Join the private group Wellness Circle: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Audreychristie/ ________________________________ Say HI and join the conversation on social: Instagram: https://instagram.com/audrey_christie Facebook: https://facebook.com/audreychristiemsn ________________________________ Wondering if Functional and Integrative Help is right for you and your condition? Schedule a complimentary case review here. How to Stop Mosquito Bites (and why it matters for autoimmunity) Rough Transcript (listening is best) Are mosquitos eating you up? So are you someone that gets eaten up at a party by mosquitos? Or maybe you know someone who does? Then perk up those ears –  The truth of the matter is, there is a perfect recipe that mosquitoes like to bite and it consists of a few possible combinations of low b vitamins, and metabolic acidosis (meaning you are producing more CO2) Nutrient Deficiency The most common nutrient deficiency we see with frequent mosquito bites are in the B vitamin family, including Thiamine, and breathing out a higher than average amount of CO2. If you Google it you’ll find that in the B vitamin and mosquito theory is a myth. but if you know about the human body if you know about biology then you know that the studies that show what are indicated as reasons why mosquitoes like you at things like increased carbon dioxide actually can stem from B vitamin deficiency. They can also stem from high blood sugar hi build-up of lactic acid they can stem from cogs kidneys that can stem from a need for L-glutamine. it could be one of these or all of these. You see the B vitamin is a chain reaction that starts all sorts of different things happening in the body that leads to you breathing out more carbon dioxide and the mosquitoes coming to eat it all up. it can also be a simple problem with not having enough stomach acid so often we will find people who take antacids Tum’s proton pump inhibitors things in that class of medications over-the-counter or prescription-strength often are the victim of too many mosquito bites and all the Cascade of things that happen after that. Why would you want to stop mosquito bites? There’s no denying that there is an inflammatory response in the body when you’re bitten by a mosquito. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get at least a small wheel that may or may not itch and may or may not be read but you have a noticeable mark. Your body sends out the inflammatory cells to heal the wound. What’s interesting is that it doesn’t stop there. You wouldn’t think people would want to study something like mosquito bites but there are actually studies about what happens with the immune system after you are bitten by a mosquito. Essentially your body produces fewer of something called regulatory T cells, and their job is to modulate the immune system. This can occur for up to seven days after a single mosquito bite happens. The spit from mosquitoes is made up of hundreds of different proteins and it causes your immune system to have to fight off the pathogens. So your body is making pure of the cells that it needs to have a healthy functioning immune system while also having to fight off whatever is brought in by the mosquito bite. For your average healthy immune system, this isn’t a problem, but for autoimmune suffers or for people with chronic or long-term illnesses this can just be one more issue for the immune system to try to modulate. It can also lead to much larger and inflammatory responses and a lesser ability to fight off anything that the mosquito might have been carrying. It can also affect your immune system longer-term to fight off your common cold viruses and bacteria. How to stop mosquito bites (naturally)? I’ve learned in the last episode, 119 what causes autoimmune disease, we learned that environmental triggers are one of the reasons one of the causes one of the root causes that autoimmune diseases develop. Is it likely that you will develop an autoimmune disease because of a mosquito bite? No. However, it is likely that you could further your body-wide inflammation and more importantly, it’s a sign that there are nutrient deficiencies that could be root causes for your autoimmune disease. So let’s talk about what to do about it. First of all, it is worth having your lab work looked at from a functional perspective so that it can be determined if you have any of the deficiencies that might be causing your mosquito bites. These generally take longer to fix so much like we talked about and healing spring allergies, it’s is imperative to take the steps to heal long-term but also manage your exposure right now. With the nickname the loving nickname one of my clients gave me the “Wilderness Nurse” you can guess that my solution to this is not going to be the stay indoors. That would cause more harm than good to your physical mental energetic and emotional health. That being said it would be irresponsible for you to continue to go outside and get eaten up by mosquitoes or cover yourself in a toxin to try to repeal them. Some of my favorite Solutions For enjoying your outdoor activities and repelling mosquitoes are: Citronella Essential Oil It is not a surprise to many to hear that bugs tend to hate the smell of citrus. Citronella is a lemony-grass plant that bugs absolutely hate to be around. Having a couple of these outside your house, or just lighting some citronella candles every so often, should keep the bugs at bay. Rubbing the essential oil on your pulse points helps keep bites at bay. Peppermint Essential Oil No need to spray chemicals on your body, take some peppermint leaves, crush them, and rub them on your skin. You will smell fresh, and the biting insects will leave you alone. Peppermint essential oils also work well for this. (Don’t use peppermint essential oil if you are breastfeeding, as it can reduce your milk supply) Vanilla Extract Not just good for baking, but also good for keeping the critters away. Just mix it with some water, and spray it in areas where bugs frequent. Not only is this good at keeping the bugs away, but you can do it without causing you to smell like garlic, onions, or vinegar or the piney woods — which are also all great for keeping bugs away. How to Stop Mosquito Bites Recipe 20 oz spray bottle 30 drops citronella 30 drops Peppermint 2 tsp Vanilla Extract Fill the remainder of the bottle with distilled water. Shake Before use. (Here’s my recommendation for Essential Oils) If you were suffering from an autoimmune condition and you’re getting eaten up by mosquitoes then definitely try out the autoimmune safe and natural mosquito recipe you can Find that on the show notes page at Audrey Christie.com/120. I created a free resource for you, its called 5 Steps to You can Start TODAY to begin healing from Your Autoimmune Disease, And its specifically simple steps you can take right now – including changing your mindset, adding nutritious foods and help you shift to a healing path. You can download it on the show notes page or your podcast player, or at audreychristie.com/115 and it always lives at audreychristie.com/autoimmune. To wrap this up – You don’t have to suffer from mosquito bites as one more thing to add to your plate struggling with your autoimmune condition. did I say you may even find a spot of gratitude for those pesky boogers biting you up so that you now know things that you can do that will not just stop mosquitoes from biting you but you’ll take that Q from Mother Nature and notice what might be going on at the roots internally to help you ultimately heal from autoimmune Thank you so much for tuning in, if you have a second it would mean the world to me if you could leave a rating or review! That helps me help more people get clear of autoimmune disease. I’d be oh so grateful. I hope you have the most magical and restful day friends, and I challenge you to leave your world, however you can, a little better than how you found it when you got up this morning. Be well.    
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