73 minutes | May 28, 2021


“When we are truly ourselves, we breathe more deeply and smile more often. By being you, you can relax and be comfortable in your own skin.”   This week we speak to Chris Barez-Brown, author, speaker, and founder of Upping Your Elvis and the fantastic new app called Talk It Out.  Chris’ natural ability to uncover everyone’s inner genius helps people to get their energy right, so they can achieve more through their unique talents and be extraordinary, every day.  Join us for an energy-filled conversation about mindset, positivity, morning routine, business, decluttering, swimming in your pond, and more.   We delve into his latest book ‘Upping Your Elvis’ which explains how we're not naturally designed for business and how we spend far too much energy trying to fit in with its needs rather than the other way around. We're fish out of water―and it's sucking the life out of us.  Also, listen in for the new app called Talk It Out which encourages you to talk (which the WMA is big on!). The app has been created to give millions of people worldwide access to mental & emotional well-being support, for free.   Check it out, for you or for someone who you think would find it a game-changer.   It’s one of our best podcasts yet and there’s plenty to enjoy.   Also, men, have you signed up for our weekly eLetter that’s now read by hundreds of men around the world?   If you want to get thought-provoking content, and tips on how to do life better, straight to your inbox, hit the link to sign up today.   www.wholemanacademy.com/movement   The WMA podcast can be consumed on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.   Remember, the world needs strong men.
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