51 minutes | Feb 3, 2021

28: Bling Empire- Necklacegate 90210 (S1 E1)

Welcome to your new obsession: Bling Empire. Escape with us into a life of ULTRA luxury, haute couture, and most importantly DRAMA. Where the biggest problems are "did we buy the same necklace at the same high-end luxury store?" and "I need to buy a Ducati to survive an apocalypse!" Rich people problems, am I right? This first episode of Netflix's new original series has got us glued to our televisions and wanting more like the peasants we are! You ready?Join trash experts Manda & Sam every Wednesday for hilarious coverage of your favorite reality tv shows. You thought you didn't need another comedy podcast in your life... YOU WERE WRONG. Can't get enough trash? Join us for more laughs in our dumpster, by following us on social media!Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Who-You-Callin-Trashy-Podcast-108715137575625Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whoyoucallintrashy/, https://www.instagram.com/mandatalkstrash/, https://www.instagram.com/samtalkstrash/Twitter: https://twitter.com/WYCTpod, https://twitter.com/mandatalkstrash, https://twitter.com/samtalkstrashOGBe sure to subscribe to our show everywhere you listen to podcasts and leave us a rating and review on Apple Podcasts!
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